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5 Ways to Prepare Your Roof For All Weather Conditions

Living in Australia means unpredictable weather, the weather can vary from hot summer windy days to weeks of continuous rain and storms. It is important that you have prepared your roof for the outdoor elements, ensuring your roof can withstand the constant levels of extreme temperatures and conditions in Australia.

Our professional crew at Roof Ranger have put together the top 5 ways which will guarantee that you are prepared and your roof will withstand unpredictable weather and be protected.

Clean Your Gutters, Downpipes and Drains Regularly

1# Your roof has a drainage system and its job is to move water from your roof to your drains. Cleaning your gutters and downpipes on a regular basis will prevent any chance of blockages to this drainage system. Gutters can be hoarders of dirt and sticks and when strong winds arise quite often the tree and plant debris can be swept up and may damage your house or be deposited in other areas of your roof causing more damage. During rainy times if your gutters are blocked downpipes will become clogged and there will be water overflow along your gutter. This water puddle can cause a lot of damage along the eaves and roof cavities and down the side of your house.

2# To prevent any drainage, downpipe or gutter problems regular maintenance will keep any debris from interfering with water flow along the gutter. Often drainage grates can be hidden in the garden by pot plants so be aware to keep the grates clear to allow rain to freely flow away from porches, doorways and entries. Roof Ranger is your local roofer to clean your gutters, downpipes and drains.

Annual Maintenance Check

An annual maintenance check of your rooftop is necessary to keep your roof and tiles in good condition which will guarantee a long lifespan. It is especially important after storms to have a roofing professional come and inspect your roof.  Whether you have terracotta, metal or cement roofing all these materials must be well maintained. Extreme weather situations such as wind or hail can rupture roofing material forming entry points into your house.  So a regular check by Roof Ranger for any holes or gaps to avoid water damage is important.

Roof Tile Maintenance

It is important to repair any damaged, loose or missing tiles as these all can be repaired but if neglected will cause problems in the future. The roof space in your rooftop is a place where any cracks or movement of tiles will be noticeable by light shining through the roof cavity.  However, accessing your roof space may be difficult so we recommend Roof Ranger. Our professional crew are experts in all aspects of roofing they can perform a routine inspection and check for any problems in your roof, tiles or roof space.

Ensure There Are No Trees Or Branches Around

Overhanging trees are a major problem for any roof. During the year especially autumn time when twigs and branches are falling from trees. It is important to keep your garden around your house trimmed and maintained. Strong winds can be a hazard if tree branches are close to a house they can be blown onto the roof or the branches may rub on your tiles which can wear away the top layer exposing the tile. Any hanging braches are a threat to roofs, regular checking of trees around your property is important and also making your property safe during the bushfire season. Our roofers at Roof Ranger will reach your property swiftly and maintain your roof.

Water Damage Due To Rain

In Australia during rainy spells, rain and storms can continue for weeks causing flooding and damage around the country. During these times if your roof has a tile or flashing problem, moisture and water will make its way through openings and cracks in your roof leaking into walls and onto the floor of rooms in your home. By not having regular maintenance checks we know that this can lead to problems if not identified and repaired quickly.

The home where you live is your protection against all weather conditions.  If however there is a roof problem then your house may be at risk due to harsh weather conditions. The ideal way to prevent roofing problems is by having a professional roofing contractor give a full assessment of your roof. They will check and highlight any roof issues that are to be repaired or replaced.  So it is important to prepare your roof in order to protect your home and family. Roof Ranger is here to help you in these situations, we use the latest technology and tools to ensure your property is ready for anything.

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