How to Choose the Right Roof Colour

Determine the right colour and tone for your home can be a daunting task, especially when there is a huge range of shades available. Not to mention, it is a permanent decision that will last years. That’s why we break down how to choose the right roof colour. If you would like to learn more, continue reading the rest of this blog.

What to consider for your roof colour

Style of Home

Consider the age of your home or the style of the architecture. A classic and traditional house would suit a classic cream and earth greens. A contemporary home can be complimented by cool, coastal greys and slate greys.

Hide or Highlight?

Brighter and lighter colours can make the house appear larger. Where as darker colours recede these areas. Determine if you would like to emphasise your roof or if you would like to draw the attention away from the roof to other areas of your home.

Location of Home

Is your home in a rural setting backed onto greenery and trees? Subdued colours such as pale greens and hush browns are ideal for this type of location, as they are not too contrasting against the greenery. Alternatively, a home by the water or beaches can reflect these coastal colours through sandy creams, whites and blues. Look at the surroundings of your home for inspiration.

The Sun

Did you know picking a light shade for your roof colour could reflect the sunlight and effectively, keep your house cool during the warmer months? Additionally, picking a dark colour absorbs the sunlight, keeping the warmth inside the home during cooler months. The sun feels hotter and more intense in some parts of Australia compared to others. Consider if you have been using more electricity than usual to keep your home cool due to the dark tint of your existing roof. Perhaps it is time to swap to a lighter shade.

External Features of Your Home

Keeping the tones consistent is key. You may not want to introduce a new colour that is not currently represented in the permanent external features of your home. You can determine a cool or warm shade for your roof depending on the brickwork of your home. By doing so, you can tie your roof and the outside of your home together.

A few more tips and tricks

Given that the sun affects the roof colour at different times of the day, grab a few samples and examine how the colour looks every few hours or so under the sun. Perhaps the shade looks far brighter and lighter than you had anticipated under the sun at midday.

Getting the help of an expert

Understandably, choosing the colour for your roof can be a difficult task and most of the time, it is personal reference. An expert like Roof Ranger can provide an extra opinion or step in to guide you on picking the perfect shade. With over 30 years of experience, Roof Ranger has helped countless individuals with their home with their roof painting services and consultations. Need help with your roof? Contact Roof Ranger today.

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