Is Roof Insulation Important?

Roof insulation acts like a protective shield and the material can be likened to a blanket. Insulation is lodged between the roof surface and the roof ceiling and is used to decrease the transfer of heat. In warmer temperatures insulation can cool a house and in colder weather conditions insulation can benefit by helping to keep your house warm.

Here we have listed 6 roof insulation benefits.


By insulating your roof space you may notice a reduction in your energy costs each year.  The initial costs of the insulation will be recovered with lesser energy bills. For both heating and cooling, the roof is generally the most cost-effective place to add insulation.

Energy Saving

A well insulated roof space can save on your monthly energy bills, reducing energy use related to heating and cooling by 20% or more by retaining heat or cool air within your house depending on the time of year.

Great Investment

Installing insulation is an easy way to increase your homes resale price. As a marketing approach insulation is a positive for any potential house buyer when they realise the energy reduction benefits. A newly insulated roof can increase a home’s value. Likewise, a roof which is not insulated or maintained can reduce a home’s value.

Well being & Comfort

A well insulated home is a comfortable and welcoming home. Insulation holds in heat in cold weather and keeps your home cool in hot weather.

Cold Winter Nights

Your roof accounts for approximately a quarter of the household’s heat loss. Insulation retains the heat, creating a warm environment beneficial to energy efficiency, warmth, and a healthy inner atmosphere. If your roof’s insulation is wearing thin or must be replaced your home will feel cooler during the cold months.

Help Absorb Leakages

Roof insulation can prevent leakage damage to a home. If your roof has a major leak, it will help slow the leak travelling into your home interior.  With regular maintenance checks of your roof and home exterior you will see and prevent any leakage even a small leak can result in damages.

If you are experiencing hot or cold temperatures, it might be time to consider insulation or perhaps you must have your existing insulation checked or replaced. When installing or replacing insulation, it is essential to hire the services of a professional team. This guarantees that the job is done correctly and that the insulation will effectively lower your heating and cooling costs. Contact Roof Ranger and their professional and skilled technicians will inspect and advise on the best solution for your roof insulation.

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