What are the Signs of a Leaking Roof?

If you are starting to see a darkened patch in the ceiling after an afternoon of heavy rainfall, it is a real possibility that this is the cause of a leaking roof. It happens to many households in Australia, but many ignore the problem or try to fix it themselves. Unfortunately, this causes the cost of the damage to increase and puts your home at risk. We note down some signs of a leaking roof and what you should do in the case you do notice these signs.

Signs of a Leaking Roof

Here are a few key things to look out for to diagnose a leaking roof:

Pools of Water

If you have noticed a large pool of water in the middle of your room, examine the roof and observe any dripping from the ceiling or walls.

Water Stains

A ring of dark brown may indicate water sitting above your ceiling that is slowly building up before it penetrates through the ceiling.

Broken/Damaged Shingles in the Roof

This creates an easy access for water to flow into your home. Though it might not be showing inside your rooms, it could be in a less obvious place.

Water Spots on the Exterior

Check for water spots near the rim of your roof on the outside of your walls. It may be due to damaged roof flashings.

Signs of Mould

This can be on the interior or exterior of your home. If you are seeing moss growing on the outside walls, you may have a damaged gutter or downspout.

If you are seeing one or a few of the signs above, contact Roof Ranger to have your roof looked at immediately before the situation gets worse.

What Should You Do Temporarily to Contain the Leak?

1. Move Possessions & Electricals

If there is an evident leak that is affecting your furniture, valuables, and electricals – move these immediately to avoid permanent damage to your possessions.

2. Grab a Bucket or Large Container

Stop the water from flooding across your floor by containing it in a bucket, keeping a close eye on it.

3. Soak or Mop Up the Water with Towels

To stop mould growing or staining your wooden floors, soak the water up from the ground.If possible, open the windows to create a cross-breeze and utilise any fans to aid in ventilating the room.

What’s Next?

Unfortunately, containing the water is only a temporary solution and you will need to permanently fix your roof to ensure that the leak does not get worse or occur repeatedly afterwards. Therefore, you will need to call a professional roofer to come diagnose, repair, and ensure that your roof is damage-free.

Call a Professional Roofer to Fix Your Leak

Roof Ranger is licensed and has had over 30 years helping families across Sydney and Western Sydney with their roofs. The team are equipped with the latest tech and skills to carry out a roof repair efficiently. We understand the headache that roof leaks cause and that is why, we guarantee our work will fix the problem for good.

If you have a leaking roof and need an expert roofer to have a look at it today, call Roof Ranger.

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