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    Roof Ranger Roof Repairs Services

    Our skilled tradesmen at Roof Ranger have over 30 years experience in all aspects of roofing. We take on any job of any size, from leaking roofs to whirly bird installation.

    You may not think about your roof regularly but it’s important to know what’s under your roof and what can happen if your roof is subject to damage. A consistent roof repair is the ideal way to ensure your home is safe, and it can save you a lot of money forthcoming. That’s why at Roof Ranger we specialise in all types of roofs including terracotta, metal and cement roofs, there’s no roof we can’t repair.

    Frequent Roof Repair Issues

    At Roof Ranger we have seen it all, no matter what state your roof is in or what damage it has endured, we have the knowledge and latest technology to repair your roofs back to normal. Everyday roof issues we deal with are:

    • Broken, Cracked or Shifted Roof Tiles
    • Blocked Gutters and Downpipes
    • Leaking Roofs Through Gutters or Connecting Tiles
    • Improper Ventilation
    • Cracked Cement and Loose Tiles

    If you’ve noticed your roof has experience any of these issues, contact Roof Ranger immediately on 0401 374 203 for a roof repair quote and we will send our experienced roofing experts straight to your home. It’s best to attend a damaged roof as soon as possible to prevent any further harm that could significantly impact your whole house and end up becoming more costly.

    Our Services

    At Roof Ranger we have the expertise and modern technology required to fix your roof. Our team ensures a no fuss experience, making sure that all work is carried out professionally and completed on time. We also offer an obligation free, honest, maintenance inspection of your roof and give genuine, easy to understand advice. Roof Ranger specialise in the following roof repairs:

    Roof Leaking Repairs

    Your roof is the most important aspect of your home, that’s why ensuring your roof is free from leaks, is our priority. Roof Ranger has seen every type of leaking roof possible and your roof is no exception. A leaking roof may seem like a small issue, but it can lead to a huge disaster if not repaired straight away. It will not only impact your roof but also disturb the whole fundamental reliability of your home. It can damage your ceilings and paintwork, damage your home’s mortar, encourage building movement from wet foundations and cause the growth of mildew. We work with innovative equipment to ensure your roof has no more leaks. If you are experiencing frequent roof leaks it may be time to consider replacing your entire roof. Investing in a new roof now can be a better decision for your home in the long run. With over 16 years of experiences, we are experts at repairing leaking roofs.

    Roof Leaking Repairs

    Bedding & Pointing

    Ensuring your roof bedding and pointing are functioning properly is vital as they are necessary parts of your roofs structure. The bedding secures tiles in place while the pointing guarantees a durable, fitted seal. It’s important to safeguard your home from mould, mildew and rainwater. Rainwater can seep through the damaged pointing or bedding reaching the inside of your home damaging your belongings and cause flooding. We use Selly’s Point Works for the adhesion of ridge caps to the hips and top ridges and also gables. The foundation of your home is the most important aspect to look after as it holds other structures in place.
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    Bedding & Pointing

    Whirly Bird Installation

    Improper ventilation throughout your home can trap and accumulate heat as the sun’s rays reach your roof, especially in Australian heat. In this case many people result using air conditioning, however this can be expensive in the long run. Poor ventilation can encourage mould and mildew to grow on the interior walls of your home posing a health hazard to you and your family, especially to those suffering from asthma. Whirly birds are a wind driven turbine ventilation that extracts heat and moisture from your roof, minus use of electrical energy. Our whirly birds are made from lightweight aluminum and come with a 15-year warranty. Depending on the size of roof, you may need more than one whirly bird; we can help you distinguish how many whirly birds your roof will require.
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    Whirly Bird Installation

    Gutter Cleaning

    If you notice debris, leaves or branches stuck in your gutter this will cause overflowing and blocked gutters impacting your home drainage system and can lead to serious damage to your home in the long run. Proper gutter and downpipe cleaning is vital during the summer months, as this will reduce the risk of fire catching onto the debris in your gutter. By regularly cleaning out your gutters, you can be reassured that your roof has a suitable plumbing system with no leaks or pressure build up. This will also prevent the need for a complete gutter repair in the future.

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    Gutter Cleaning

    How much does a roof repair cost?

    The cost of a roof repair heavily depends on the roofs current condition, as well as the size and height of the roof. We must consider how many leaks your roof has, how damaged your tiles are, what is causing your blocked gutters etc. Each service can vary once we have considered the amount of damage that needs repairing. Call Roof Ranger today on 0401 374 203 and we will provide you with the exact price on repairing your roof.

    Our Tradesmen Know Your Roof

    Roof Ranger is a family run and operated business. Our highly qualified, licensed tradesmen have the necessary experience required to repair any roof. We aim to ensure that every customer experiences a tailored service for their roofing needs. At Roof Ranger, we will accurately assess and diagnose the state of your roof and deliver an all-inclusive and multi faceted service to repair your roof. We know the importance our roofs have over our head and that’s why we go the lengths to ensure your roof is left looking brand new.

    Our qualified team can repair any type, style and texture of roof. We provide quality service along with the finest materials and workmanship. All work fulfilled by Roof Ranger is covered by a 10 year warranty, that’s how much we believe in the work we do.

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    Roof Ranger is based in Western Sydney but will service your home no matter where you live in Sydney. Contact us today on 0401 374 203 for an obligation free roof repair quote or email and one of our friendly staff will assist you with your roofing needs.