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    Extensive range of roofing restoration services in Penrith

    At Roof Ranger, we provide an extensive range of roofing services to Penrith. We believe that the roof is one of the most important parts of your home, which is why you should only choose a reliable and certified roof restoration specialist.

    Penrith roofing restoration services include

    Terracotta Roof Restoration

    Despite terracotta’s outstanding durability, it also needs maintenance and care. If you notice mould growing on your tiles, contact Roof Ranger immediately as this will have a negative impact on the tile surface triggering it to decompose.
    Our step-by-step process is strictly followed when cleaning terracotta tiles to ensure they receive quality treatment. Terracotta Roof Restoration is one of our most popular services throughout Penrith.

    Cement Roof Restoration

    We use NuTech Paint to use in our cement roof restorations as they provide a generous warranty on all of our work. You can be assured that NuTech are designed to withstand the tough Australian environment while injecting your home with instant appeal.
    Similar to our terracotta roof restoration, we follow a process to maintain a consistent high standard for our cement roof restorations. Once the restoration is complete, we remove all the rubbish from the job site.

    Metal Roof Restoration

    Metal roof restoration is a great way to restore the exterior of sheet metal roofs like galvanised iron or colorbond to a good-as-new state. Quality metal roof restoration will leave your house waterproof.
    Metal roofs are extremely popular, hardwearing and blaze resistant. However, common problems that may occur are leaking and rusting. If left unattended, this could evolve into a costly job.

    Terracotta Roof Restoration

    If you need an inspection of your roof in Penrith for these problems, contact Roof Ranger. The cost of each roof restoration service depends on an array of factors such as size, height, terrain, and the number of repairs needed. At Roof Ranger, we aim to give you the best price. If you’re looking for roofing services in Penrith contact us today and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help.

    Our general roof repair services in Penrith

    Our skilled tradesmen at Roof Ranger have over 30 years experience in all aspects of roofing. We take on any job of any size.
    You may not think about your roof regularly but it’s important to know what’s under your roof and what can happen if your roof is subject to damage. A consistent roof repair is the ideal way to ensure your home is safe, and it can save you a lot of money forthcoming. That’s why at Roof Ranger we specialise in all types of roofs in the Penrith area including terracotta, metal and cement roofs, there’s no roof we can’t repair.

    Our roof repair services in Penrith include

    Bedding & Pointing

    Bedding and Pointing

    Normal roof movement may cause your ridge capping to crack and shrink. We use Sellings Point Works, a pointing compound for the adhesion of ridge caps to the hips and top ridges and also gables. This will result in removing the cracks from your roof.
    If you’d like your roof looking better for longer with bedding and pointing, call us today.

    Whirly Bird Installation

    Implementing a whirly bird on your roof is ideal during those summer months where temperatures reach high levels. Our wind driven turbine ventilator will exhaust heat & vapour from your home minus the use of electrical energy. Pick from 28 colours.
    The number of whirly birds you will need will vary based on your roof size and reasons for ventilating. As a general recommendation, 1-2 whirly birds is sufficient per 90m2 of roof space.
    However, for the best results contact us at Roof Ranger and we can help you with a solution custom to your needs.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Our roofing experts will clean out your gutters and downpipes to decrease the risk of fire damage during summer seasons. We also check that your roof has appropriate plumbing to avoid pressure build up and leakage.
    If you are seeing evident blockage, water seeping or rotting debris in your gutter, you will need to have your gutter cleaned out immediately. Prevent any further damage before it becomes more costly. We come out to the Penrith area for all gutter cleaning servicesis usually undertaken as part of a full restoration and can also be completed as a single service. The positive effects from this service include preventing pressure build-up leading to leaks and minimising risks of fire damage in the warmer months.

    Leaking Roof Repairs

    A leaking roof can impact your buildings structure damaging equipment and personal belongings within your building. Common reasons include general wear and tear, rusted roofs or improperly installed skylight and chimneys. We will reach your property in the Penrith area and repair your water leak in a fast and efficient manner.

    Roof Painting

    We will repair your roof and perform premium roof painting services to help maintain the look and structure of your property. If your roof looks dull and colourless, a new layer of fresh paint will help you restore the life of your roof.

    Terracotta Roof Restoration

    Roof Painting Services

    Roof Ranger are expert professional roof painters in the Penrith. We have over 30 years’ experience working with  terracottametal and cement roofing. We utilise the latest technology and materials to ensure an efficient and thorough paint job.

    You can prolong the life of your roof while improving the appearance of it through professional roof painting. We recommend it to every homeowner as it can add 15 years to the life of your roof. We don’t just paint over cracks and damages in your roof either. Our skilled roofers survey and inspect your roof for repairs and conduct them accordingly.

    The process for our Penrith roof painting services includes:

    • Thorough cleaning and preparation with a high quality biocide to kill any algae and moss spores that may be gripping to your roof.
    • Two applications of good quality paint. We will advise you of the most suitable paint to use for your roofing material.
    • We follow strict application guidelines to ensure the process is consistent and maintained.
    • Complete clean up afterwards so you are left only with a perfectly painted roof.

    If you require roof painting services in the Penrith, call Roof Ranger. We are a family owned and operated business, passionate about the health of your roofs. Our team is fully licensed and highly skilled at working at heights, so you don’t have to.

    Your Local Penrith Roofer

    Our roofing contractors have over 30 years experience in all facets of roofing.
    We offer an obligation free, honest, maintenance inspection of your roof and give genuine, easy to understand advice. We also provide guaranteed workmanship on all services. Are you worried about mess? Our tradesmen go to great lengths to ensure your home and surroundings are left good as new. Experience our personal service with high-quality materials as our focus. We know the Penrith area and its roofing needs precisely.
    All work completed by Roof Ranger comes with a 10 year warranty guarantee, that’s how much we believe in the work we do. When you work with us, you receive only the best when it comes to our service and our workmanship. Read what our clients have said themselves!
    Roof Ranger will travel to your location to meet your roofing requirements. If you live in the Penrith area contact Roof Ranger on 0401 374 203 to receive an obligation free quote, or email to book a service today.