Roof Painting Sydney

Roof Ranger offers high quality roof painting services across Sydney.  We specialise in terracottametal and cement roofing and will reach your Sydney property swiftly.

Over time house roofing will deteriorate as it is subject to constant harsh weather conditions, such as strong sun, rain, hail, and wind. These numerous outside elements will and can impact the appearance and overall structure of your house. Roof Ranger will repair your roof and perform premium roof painting services to help maintain the look and structure of your house. We can truly transform the look of your roof today.

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    Why Professional Roof Painting Services?

    Roof Ranger has performed countless roof painting jobs across a number of Sydney properties. Our years of experience in the field ensure that we know your roof, the most suitable equipment and techniques to use to get your roof looking its best. We utilise the latest technology and materials to ensure your roof receives top quality service. We understand the pitfalls of painting a roof and therefore, we can handle the job, so you don’t have to. We can provide you with professional advice and will carry out any work professionally and efficiently.

    Roof Painting Benefits

    Does your roof look dull, colourless and unmaintained? This can be a quick fix with high quality roof painting services. Roof Ranger can restore your roof with a new layer of fresh paint. There are a number of reasons as to why you should have your roof painted or repainted, these are:

    Improve Appearance

    Roof painting is one of the best ways to improve the appearance and aesthetic of your roof and home. Roof painting will ensure your roof always looks new and fresh.

    Improve Roof Health

    Roof painting can improve the condition and health of your roof. Painting the roof and restoring the look and appearance will guarantee an extended life expectancy.

    Mould & Mildew Reduction

    Improved roof painting can prevent mould and mildew. Long standing and outdated rooftops can produce mould and dampness from the weather conditions which will create an unattractive look to your home. Keeping the right look and health can be achieved with roof painting.

    Improve Life

    Roof painting will improve the lifespan of your roof. Roofs that have been freshly painted will typically add 15 years onto the life of the roof. Therefore, we recommend every homeowner to consider to have their roof painted and maintained.

    Professional Roof Painting Services

    It is important that you use a professional and skilled roofer to paint your rooftop, this will guarantee a professional job with minimum fuss. Roof Ranger is your local Sydney roofer who will:

    • Clean, properly dry and finish with a fresh new roof.
    • Prior to painting, use a good biocide to kill off any algae and moss spores
    • Follow proper application guidelines to ensure your roof is professionally maintained throughout the roof painting process
    • Use two coats of quality paint

    After two coats of roofing paint, the lifespan of your rooftop can be renewed for up to 15 years. Roof painting will also provide you with a much healthier roof that is drier and more water resistant while still being breathable. If you would like to know more information or services we can provide for your roof, please contact us at Roof Ranger.

    Choosing the Right Roof Paint

    Our team at Roof Ranger will assess your roof and identify what materials and paint will best suit your property. Particularly in the hot Australian climate, we will always consider a UV stability paint, which will mean the roof will be protected, and won’t deteriorate with relentless sun exposure.

    Not only do we care about the protection of your roof, but we most definitely care about the way it looks. That’s why we provide a huge range of colours for you to choose from. Either it is a colour to match your existing shade as you want to renew your roof paint, or it is a brand-new shade to completely transform your roof, know that Roof Ranger can provide it.

    We carry only renowned and reputable paint brands so you can trust that your paint job will be executed perfectly and last too.

    Cost of Roof Painting in Sydney

    Roof painting services can vary depending on the labour, materials used and of course, the size of the roof itself. We can give you an approximate cost over the phone but will provide an accurate and transparent quote once we assess and inspect your roof. Some other factors that are important to note are repairs that must be made before the roof is painted, the cleaning and accessibility. If you’d like to have one of our friendly staff members come out to your roof for a quote, call us today. We will be sure to provide a solution to any roof.

    Why Choose Roof Ranger for Roof Painting

    The roof is one of the most important foundations of your home to be cared for. Therefore, you need a trusted roofing company to provide the attention to detail and care that you would like for your home.

    At Roof Ranger we pride ourselves in our:

    Years of Experience

    We have had over 30 years’ experience under our belt. We have completed countless roofing jobs over the years and under challenging conditions.

    Family Owned & Operated Business

    We are genuinely passionate about the service that we provide. We go above and beyond for each and every one of our customers.

    Licensed, Highly Skilled & Trained Team

    The entire team of tradesmen at Roof Ranger are all highly qualified and licensed. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing your roof is taken care of by professionals. We understand all the necessary precautions for working at heights, so you don’t have to worry.

    Honest & Competitive Quoting

    We offer a free and honest inspection of your roof and provide transparent quotes. We only provide genuine and simple advice for your roofing needs.

    Promises We Keep

    Roof Ranger take pride in offering a no fuss experience, making sure that the job provided is completed to only the highest of standards. We arrive on time and clean up as necessary, leaving you only with a perfectly painted roof.

    Contact Your Local Sydney Roof Painting Expert

    If you need a professional who has been in the industry for over 30 years, look no further than Roof Ranger. Call us today and one of our friendly team members will be able to come out to your home in Sydney for a roof painting service.