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Cement Roof Restoration

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Cement Roof Restoration Service Sydney

At Roof Ranger, we believe that the roof is one of the most important parts of your home, which is why you should only choose a reliable and certified roof restoration specialist. Our clients choose us, because they know we only offer expert services. Our team is covered by WorkCover and are fully licensed. We are qualified tradespeople that will ensure you get the high quality services you expect, every time, that’s why we trust and use NuTech Paint and give a generous warranty on all our work. Nutech Roof Coatings are also environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water.Nutech are designed to withstand the tough Australian environment while injecting your home with instant appeal.

The Restoration Process

The restoration process begins by cleaning tiles and removing all moss, lichen, dust and debris. The roof is then pressure cleaned, broken tiles are replaced and old bedding is removed when necessary. Sealer is then applied, and then two colour coats are applied to finish the job off. This process is designed to increase the functionality of your tiles and roof, as well as give them a renewed appearance.
Increasing the appearance of your roof not only protects your home, but adds value to your property. Well maintained roofing is something many home buyers will look for as it speaks not only to the presentation of the home, but it’s durability.

Our step by step process (Cement Roof Restoration)

  • All broken and damaged tiles are replaced
  • Tiles are pressure cleaned to remove dirt, moss, lichen
  • Ridge caps are re bedded where necessary
  • Selleys pointing is applied to all ridge caps

Gables are hand painted with colour coat you have picked for your home.

  • Coat of Nu Prime is applied to the tile surface
  • coats of Nutech paint is applied to the tile surface
  • Any mess made during the restoration process is cleaned
  • Rubbish is removed from job site

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Cement Roof Restoration Service Sydney
Cement Roof Restoration
Cement Roof Restoration