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    Metal roof restoration Service Sydney

    Metal roofs have become extremely popular for flat and slanted roofs. It is extremely hardwearing, power-efficient, and blaze resistant. While metal roofs are overall a durable choice, possible issues may arise. Our professionals at Roof Ranger are here to solve any problem your metal roof encounters.

    One of the most common problems your metal roof might experience is leakage. If your metal roof has been installed incorrectly or is undergoing old age, a leak may escape the seam where two pieces of metal come together. Another issue that indicates the need for a metal roof restoration is corrosion and rust. Over time this will cause significant damage to you roof, which is also result in leaks.

    Metal Roof restoration is a great way to restore the appearance of sheet metal roofs with galvanised iron or Colorbond so your roof will be as good as new. The secret to a professional metal roof restoration lies in both the preparation and the protective coatings we use.

    A good metal roof keeps your home waterproof and adds value. Metal roof restoration may help you save money and the expense of a replacing a metal roof prematurely. Tough coastal environmental conditions ensure that old metal roofs need careful maintenance to guarantee their effectiveness and attractiveness. That’s why at Roof Ranger we offer quality metal roof restoration services to the suburbs of Sydney.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

    There are a number of reasons why Sydney residents are choosing to have a metal roof. They are extremely durable and resistant to hail, strong wind and fire. Metal roofs require little maintenance due to its robust quality. They are also favorably energy-saving as they reflect the sun’s rays, you may also save up to 30% on air conditioning costs. Metal Roofs also offer a wide variety of colours, styles and surfaces. They are often the go to choice if you want to add character to your home.

    However, every roofing option has its disadvantages. It’s important to note that metal roofs are often more nosier than any other roof alternatives. If you were looking to upgrade your serene home, metal roofs wouldn’t be the best choice. Metal roofs are also quite expensive compared to other roofs; due to the rise of oil prices metal roofs will remain pricey.

    How do I Know if I Need a Metal Roof Restoration?

    Identifying whether or not your metal roof requires a restoration service can be difficult. That’s why we’ve outlined the main indicators that you should look out for:

    • Moss & Fungus Growth
    • Rusty Screws Or Old Loose Nails
    • Rusting Roof, Gutters & Downpipes
    • Watermarked Ceilings
    • Faded Metal Roof Sheets
    • Holes And/Or Gaps In The Roof

    How Do You Restore Metal Roofs?

    Roof Restoration can be complex and difficult depending on the steepness, height and design structure of the roof. At Roof Ranger we are more then capable to complete your roof at the highest quality. We follow a step-by-step process for all our roof restoration services.

    Metal Roof Restoration Step-By-Step Process

    • Step 1: Roof surface is pressure cleaned. Gutters and downpipes are flushed out as part of this process.
    • Step 2: Sheets are replaced where necessary.
    • Step 3: Screws are tightened where necessary.
    • Step 4: One coat of NuTech sealer* is applied.
    • Step 5: Two coats of NuTech paint* are applied.
    • Step 6: Any mess made during the restoration process is cleaned.
    • Step 7: Rubbish is removed from job site.

    *NuTech products are covered by a generous 10-year warranty. The NuTech roof coating product range has been extensively tested to guarantee its superior quality and ability to last. The Director of the company – Daniel – is accredited through NuTech to provide this warranty.

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    Metal roof restoration Service Sydney
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