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    Terracotta Roof Restoration Service Sydney

    Terracotta tiles, due to their high quality and lasting colour are one of the most outstanding roof tiles you can purchase for your home. Terracotta roof restoration is one of our most popular services due to the number of properties in and around Sydney who use Terracotta tiles. Our priority is leaving you with a beautiful, sparkling roof that adds value to your home. No more moss on your tiles, no more broken tiles and of course no more leaks.

    Terracotta tiles are a favourite for Sydney homes and there’s a good reason. They do not decompose or warp, they’re there to last. Due to terracotta being able to withstand snow, sun, wind and hail, you’ll be reassured that your tiles will last you 50 years or more. That’s why we offer terracotta roof restoration to ensure your tiles will last! At Roof Ranger we have a passion to look after your terracotta roof leaving it to look as good as new.

    However every roof has its disadvantages. It’s important to note that Terracotta tiles are incredibly heavy, so additional roof backing may be required. This adds onto the cost of the tiles. Terracotta tiles are also very fragile, you must be wary when doing maintenance on your roof to ensure you don’t break any. Luckily they’re easy to swap.

    Our skilled tradesmen have years of knowledge and experience with terracotta roofs, and will only use the best treatments on your tiles.

    What are the Differences Between a Terracotta Roof Restoration and a Regular Tile Roof Restoration?

    When dealing with your terracotta roof, our skilled tradesmen use the latest technology to ensure your tiles are left in perfect condition. That’s why it is important to know what elements each restoration requires. Terracotta roof restoration requires a special terracotta glaze to ensure optimum results, whereas a regular tile roof restoration does not apply any adhesion between the terracotta tile and roof coating.

    What are the Signs your Terracotta Roof Needs a Roof Restoration?

    There are a number of signs that indicate whether or not your terracotta roof needs a roof restoration. One of the most significant indicators is mould. If you notice mould growing on your tiles contact Roof Ranger immediately as this will have a negative impact on the tile surface triggering it to decompose. Older, glazed terracotta tiles suffer from de-lamination, which occurs from old age. Water can creep in under the glaze and result in a complete roof replacement if it is not stopped. Broken tiles are often signs of a mature roof; a terracotta roof restoration will fix any issues to ensure your roof remains good as new.

    Terracotta Roof Specialists

    We have been providing terracotta roof restorations, terracotta roof repairs and terracotta roofing services for over 15 years to homes in Sydney and Western Sydney. Our team are fully trained and fully licensed in terracotta tiles and know all about the best treatments to protect your terracotta roof against the harsh Australian sun.

    What is your Terracotta Roof Restoration Process?

    Each roof we commit to undergoes a thorough step-by-step process to ensure that all areas are covered.

    • Step 1: All broken and damaged tiles are replaced.
    • Step 2: An in-depth clean is applied to the roof.
    • Step 3: Tiles are high-pressure cleaned to remove dirt, moss, lichen, and fungus. Gutters and downpipes are flushed out as part of this process.
    • Step 4: Rusted Valley Irons are replaced with Colorbond Valley Irons where necessary.
    • Step 5: Ridge caps are re-bedded where necessary.
    • Step 6: Selleys roof pointing is applied to all ridge caps.
    • Step 7: A terracotta glaze coat is tactically applied (if selected as an optional extra to ensure optimum results).
    • Step 8: Any mess made during the restoration process is cleaned.
    • Step 9: All rubbish is removed from the job site.

    *NuTech products are covered by a generous 10-year warranty. The NuTech roof coating product range has been extensively tested to guarantee its superior quality and ability to last. The Director of the company – Daniel – is accredited through NuTech to provide this warranty.

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    Terracotta Roof Restoration
    Terracotta Roof Restoration