Why Choose Us

As Daniel has experience in both roof tiling and roof restorations, he is able to accurately diagnose and assess your roofing issues, and provide a comprehensive and multi faceted approach to repairing and restoring your home. Daniel has trained and mentored a large number of apprentices throughout the years, led roofing and restoration crews and learned from the best in all he does.
All work completed by Roof Ranger has a 10 year guarantee, because we believe in the services we deliver. In addition to this, Roof Ranger possesses all necessary insurances, licesnses and certifications to ensure that work is completed in the safest and most appropriate manner. Daniel will make the experience personal and individual to each customer, taking away the headache and cautiousness that some people associate with engaging trades.
Roof Ranger is able to repair and restore any roof whether it be concrete, terracotta or metal. Our services are of a high quality, with only the best materials and workmanship being accepted as the only standard.